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You deserve collaborative construction software that increases your business intelligence, manages project-critical construction information, updates relevant parties to changes in the workflow, and mitigates risk to your projects.

That’s why we built OpCenter from the ground up based on AEC needs and utilized over 20 years of experience from industry veterans to make the best product to help you meet your project goals, on time and on budget.

OpCenter is scalable based on your project needs. You can start with simple file sharing and expand to full construction administration.

Project Oriented
Built specifically for the AEC industry by industry experts, OpCenter is a project oriented cloud-based file sharing SaaS solution.
FTP Replacement
Remove FTP complications with the ability to simply upload your 3D files, BIM files or other construction documents, organize your content into folders, share files, notify project team of changes and manage folder permission levels.
Partner Model
We pride ourselves on the strengths of our organization to locate and retain the highest quality partners to offer OpCenter directly to you. You have access to a Construction Information Manager (CIM), skilled in document management, just-in-case you have a question or need additional assistance on a project.
Permission Control
You have full control over project-critical construction documents with advanced permission options, the ability to assign roles and monitor activity logs for the entire team.
Project Management
Easily invite new members to view individual folders or entire projects, track activity and easily view and manage projects within a custom dashboard.
Secure Document Sharing
Share your files on the job site or across the globe safely knowing OpCenter is hosted at one of the world’s premier enterprise-class hosting facilities, encrypted data transmission, data backup and 24×7 monitoring.
Access Data Anywhere, Anytime
Cloud-based and mobile-friendly means OpCenter goes where your project team goes. Easily access documents, know when the latest version of a file has been updated and invite others to view content from anywhere.
Boost Project Collaboration
Improve project success, team collaboration and closeout by ensuring all stakeholders have the latest information with real-time project activity from architects, engineers, contractors and owners.
Manage the Workflow
Automate the approval and review process, and alert relevant parties to change orders, submittals, RFIs, ASIs, as they happen, in real-time. The workflow is customizable per the contract and can suit your unique project needs. Your CIM can act as a consultant to configure the workflow to satisfy contract requirements and keep your project on track.
Track Project Activity
Improve your workflow and productivity with real-time project activity tracking, which informs you when anyone downloads, uploads, or adds comments to the latest update.
Expedite the close-out process. Simply export all project data and maintain folder structure of construction documents. Your CIM is able to assist with close-out delivery.
Once you’ve completed a project in OpCenter, we simply store it in an online archive or we can create a backup, as an off-line digital folder with all files, file structure, and tracking history just as you had left it.

OpCenter Share –¬†Document Management Software

OpCenter Build –¬†Construction Project Management Software

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